His family owned Lee's Lures, LLC, a purveyor of fine custom lures, jigs and other fishing paraphernalia. They named their baby boy Jiggs, with hopes that he’d love all things fishing and grow up one day to run the family business on the beautiful shores of White Bear Lake.

Jiggs was a natural angler and loved the lake life… then came Elvis Presley! The voice, the gyrating pelvis, the screaming girls… Jiggs’ brain was rewired on the spot. From that moment on, he was all about the music and wanted to be a singer in a rock-n-roll band. With Jiggs first band, The EsKorts, his parents hoped this rock-n-roll thing was just a passing fancy, but Jiggs was hooked. The EsKorts begat The Grasshoppers, who begat The Bananas and then came CAIN. His parents realized they had lost Jiggs to rock and he left their Garden of Eden.

Cain rocked all through the 70’s and made quite a name for themselves. They traveled far and wide playing their music and gaining fans everywhere. They released two critically acclaimed albums, “Pound of Flesh” and “Stinger”. The vinyl albums can still be found and are collectible, so expect to pay a premium.  Remastered CD's are available at www.rockadrome.com.

The next decade or so found Jiggs fronting Fragile, one of the premier bar bands in the Twin Cities. Fans of Fragile and Cain are legion and still follow Jiggs fervently.

In 2010, Cain was inducted into the Mid America Music Hall of Fame. The new Cain line-up played at the induction and continues to perform at select summer rock festivals.

His current musical project is Jiggs Lee and the Brothers Invasion.

Epilogue: The re-named Lee's Lures & Jiggs, LLC has moved to Sweden. Jiggs and his parents have reconciled and he is a member of the Board of Directors. It is his parents dream that Jiggs will one day move to Sweden, take over the company and tour with Cain. Cain has a dedicated following in Sweden and is considered by Swedes to be one of the iconic rock groups of the 70’s.